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("Matthew 24:14 Christian Ministry" Is Not Operated/Owned By Any Outside Person/ Organisation, Nor Funded By Any Church/Denomination, As Well As NOT Being An Official Part Of The Seventh-day Adventist Church)

Matthew 24:14 (King James Bible): "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."


Dear Friend,

Hello, this is Philip from England, the admin of "Matthew 24:14 Christian Ministry" - "Live By Faith" (my email: philip@matthew2414.info + social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) -  let us spread the  Gospel around the world rapidly and get the Work finished, according to the Lord's good will. 

I am a Christian, self-studying in the Adventist theology section of Newbold Seventh-day Adventist "University" College's library (trying to start an official theology/Christian leadership course by/before September 2020). I was originally baptised in a Baptist Church, use the King James Bible, am a Creationist, keep the Saturday Sabbath and have been attending a Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK for a number of years and run their website for free (not currently a member, although may well become in the near future).

Moreover, I know quite a lot about web design and internet technologies, such as setting up internet television + radio channels, etc. and have some experience with making websites for mobile phones, as have been in these areas for my work and free sites for quite a lot of years - also I have a lot of experience in making e-courses, PDF e-books, newsletter mailing and writing articles. 

Jesus said that when the Gospel has been preached to all the world, then He can return. This free Christian resource ministry currently offers "live" global internet TV channels and has many plans, such as e-courses/articles/ebooks, etc. - if you would like to partner with "Matthew 24:14" Christian ministry for this goal:

    1. Please consider praying for it: you can also e-mail prayers@Matthew2414.info asking to be updated about prayer requests to pray for (and let us know, if you want 7x a week, or 1x a week summary updates).

    2. If you want to donate some time and skills to the ministry, such as group moderating and/or SEO/graphic design, etc., then please email info@matthew2414.info (some salaries might perhaps be possible

    3. Please make a donation using:

      1. GoFundMe: GoFundMe.com/matthew2414,
      2. Patreon: give $1 or more a month (can cancel donations): Patreon.com/matthew2414,
      3. PayPal: you can also send money to this PayPal email address: "info@matthew2414christianministry.org".

    You can follow the ministry "LinkedIn company page" + join the "LinkedIn group".

    There are over 100 Facebook groups (Matthew2414.info/facebook-groups) being run and the most popular are the prayer group and Bible answers group. 

    Here is the link for the prayer group - also, you can watch the group video.

    Here is the link for the Bible answers group.

    There are also 5 "live" / "real-time" Matthew 24:14 Christian ministry TV channels + also a "live" / "real-time audio Bible channel:

    Matthew 24:14 - main ministry TV channel.
    Christians Praying - watch recent prayer requests (TV).
    New TestamentVerses - view selected New Testament verses (TV).
    Old Testament Verses - view selected Old Testament verses (TV).
    Old And New Testament Verses - view selected Old And New Testament verses (TV).
    Bible Audio - listen to the Bible (Audio).

    Also, there are currently 40+ websites online (main ministry site first and the rest alphabetically):

    Matthew 24:14 / Are You Good / Ask Bible Questions / Bible Heaven / Bible Judgement / Bible Mark Of The Beast / Bible Memorisation / Bible Trinity / Christian Evangelism / Christian Job Vacancies / Christians Praying / Christianity Spiritual Warfare / Christianity Testimonials / Defending The King James Bible / Ellen White Biography / Free English Study / Free English Teacher / Free Online Resume / General Health Tips / Jesus Christ Salvation / Leaving Adultery / Leaving Fornication / Leaving Homosexuality / Leaving Martial Arts / Leaving Suicide / Leaving The New Age / Ministries Needing Help / Natural Cancer Tips / Plan Bible Reading / Pro-life Christianity / Raw Vegan Diet Tips / Reaching Atheists / Reaching Catholicism / Reaching Jews / Reaching Muslims / Saturday Sabbath / SDA Info / Support ADRA / The Bible Ten Commandments / The Protestant Reformation / Vegan Diet Tips / World Creation.

    Thank you for your support.

    In Christ,

    Philip (contact)